❤June Rewards

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$50 Girlfriend - HD Set

NEKOWORKs x Hirarian
cinnamon lingerie

$35 Senpai - HD Set
Dangerous Beast                                REmastered MikazukiBigwave                                            

$20 Kouhai - HD Set 
NEKOWORKs x hirarian

NEW $10 Onee-chan Teir 
queens blade alleyne Remastered


$5 Tomodachi
dangerous beast
Cinnamon maid uniform
$35 - Senpai 
$50 Girlfriend - 
Cinnamon Lingerie

past photo sets:

Why did you create a Patreon?
That is a hard question to answer but in short, its to get a little be of support with my art. I love creating cute content for my fans. Bring anime and games to life makes me feel all tingly inside. uwu. Anyway, Patreon is the best opportunity for you to support me and help me create more cosplay and content. I want to be able to reach further and further each month for you guys. no matter how much you support me, 1 dollar or sharing my content, it really helps me and I really appreciate it.

How do i get my rewards?
Once you have become a patreon, you will be granted permission to view my patreon dashboard. on here, I will be posting news, links to rewards etc. you will be billed one a month on the first of the next month. There will be different release days for different photo sets. please check the news feeds or twitter for information.

How do rewards work? 
Depending on your tier you will get different rewards, please check the information under the tier categories. If you decide to up your tier during the month, you will only be charged the difference. :) if you have questions you can email me at

How are physical rewards sent?
All physical rewards, Prints, gifts, etc. are now sent via Airmail from Japan. Airmail to North America takes about a week, please check online for your country.

If you want physical rewards but don't want to sign up for patreon, you can always buy from my website

do you have any nude content?
​i'm sorry but you will never find nude photos of me on my patreon or any other of my sns accounts, nor will i ever sell or send such contents to any patreon, follower or person. :) let's be respectful <3
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